"A Diamond is Forever"

While the origins of diamonds and their desirability date back nearly 3,000 years ago to India, the first diamond discovered in Africa occurred in the mid nineteenth century in South Africa. That discovery prompted the world's first big diamond rush and played a major role in filling the world's growing appetite for the shiny rocks. Since that time deposits have been found throughout many of the nations that make up Africa. Thru the genius marketing efforts and dominant control of the world's supply of diamonds, the Oppenheimer family has made the diamond one of the most demanding and lucrative precious minerals of the past, present and likely future. In Harry Frederick Oppenheimer's own words, "A Diamond Is Forever." That sentiment rings true to consumers to this day worldwide and remains a central part of a couple's unity and other important events around the globe.

Sierra Leone, a small nation on the West Coast of Africa is a country rich in many different precious mineral deposits throughout its soils. However, the primary mineral for export from the country is rough diamond, known throughout the world diamond industry as producing some of the highest quality diamond material in the world. Its own resolve to remain independent of large corporations, like DeBeers, allows a unique opportunity to tap into its natural resources for export. Its lands are owned by its locals, typically in smaller increments, providing for an unlimited number of outlets for product sourcing. While the country relies heavily on export fees for income, diamonds are one of its primary exports and as such play an important role in generating revenue on many different levels. Rough diamond exports from Sierra Leone average approximately $150 million USD annually.

Sierra Global Minerals (hereinafter "Sierra Global") has established itself as a diamond exporter in Sierra Leone, having acquired its own license to conduct its buying and exporting freely. Its principals have positioned themselves amongst the government, military, police, villagers, miners, locals, chiefs, and landowners of rough diamonds as not only an exporter to which they can sell, but also as a company with the intention of helping the areas that help them grow the export volume of Sierra Global. In a Third World country the importance of some form of philanthropy goes far without question, and in turn will create a loyalty for its longevity. While diamonds in Sierra Leone will be the initial focus of the company and will be considered the building block and foundation for the company, there are literally limitless opportunities for the company to pursue. Having already established contacts locally for gold from the country, Sierra Global also will be further developing its already growing list of other contacts throughout the region for minerals in such other mineral rich countries as Guinea, Ghana, Mali, Liberia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Namibia, Angola, Botswana and Tanzania. With precious commodities throughout the region and a willingness to go after it, the principals of Sierra will have access to an endless supply of product for countless years ahead.

The import of rough diamonds into the United States averages over $500 million USD annually. While the United States is the largest consumer of diamonds in the world, this represents only 1-2% of the rough market globally. Any industry that boasts such figures and has a history that spans centuries, remains with many doors open to those bold and willing.